Synchronicity of the Week


                                                                                   painting by Megan MacGregor     

My Ecuadorian Alien

During one of our trips to Ecuador, I remember that we walked through an outdoor arts and crafts exhibit. Everything I saw – from jewelry to paintings – was vibrant, alive, mystical, strange, and just staggering in terms of  creative talent. But the piece pictured above is what I bought, for about $15, if I remember correctly. It’s made of rose petals. I think of it as the Ecuador alien, and it hangs in our living room.

Tonight, I was rewriting a chapter from the third book in my hungry ghost  series, which takes place, like the first book, in Esperanza, Ecuador. This city, which lies at more than 13,000 feet in the Andes – and is totally fictional, okay?- was once a nonphysical place where the souls of the dying – transitionals – went. Here, they decided if they wanted to continue in physical life or move on. These transitionals were preyed upon by brujos – hungry ghosts who seized them, healed them, and then lived out their mortal lives in order to experience the pleasures of physical existence.

The light chasers, evolved souls who have overseen affairs in Esperanza for millennia, decided that the only way to get rid of the brujos was to bring Esperanza into the physical world, which they did 500 years ago.  Esperanza now, in the 21st century, retains the magic from when it was a nonphysical location. The veil between the living and the dead is so thin that both chasers and brujos can assume virtual forms and communicate with the living. There’s a community of shape shifters. There are human tensions and needs. But here’s the synchro:

Wayra, the dog/wolf shape shifter who appeared in the first two books, now lives just outside the city, in a home that overlooks Esperanza. As a being that has been alive in one form or another since the late twelfth century, he has quite a collection of art.  Charlie, a chaser, drops in to see Wayra…and I immediately wondered how the shifter’s house was decorated. So I Googled Ecuadorian artists and this is what came up first:

The similarities between the Ecuadorian alien piece I bought eight or ten years ago and this piece by Oswaldo Guayasamín floored me.  Guayasamin, born in Quito  in 1919, is apparently famous for his paintings depicting Andean people. According to this website, “He exposed racism, poverty, political oppression, and class division; common themes throughout the Andes. His work reflected the misery and pain that many people around the world had to experience in the 20th century. He spoke out often against the US and other governments. His work was exhibited around the world. A day of national strikes occurred at his death by indigenous people, who he spent his life supporting.”

Until now, I’d never heard of this artist. I haven’t been able to find out what this particular painting is called, but it’s so strikingly similar to the Ecuadorian alien that I suspect the artist whose work I bought was mimicking Guayasamín.  

I poked around on this website for awhile and on this one and honestly wondered if Guayasamin was an abductee or if his creativity, his art, had enabled him to tune into something beyond his own experiences.This synchro is one of those that leaves me completely clueless about the meaning.  Maybe it’s just an answer to the question I ask every time I pass my Ecuadorian alien en route from my office to the bedroom or back: What are you? Where did you come from? Why did I buy you and what can you teach me?  Until tonight, I’d never heard of Guayasamin. Now he’s on my radar. I have no idea what that means, but I’m hopeful that something more  will be revealed.

The comments to this post on our blog are intriguing. There's even one from the Guayasamin Foundation.


Synchronicity, Darth Vader, and the Hero's Journey

Luke Skywalker, DarthVader. The light and the dark, good and evil. The hero and the villain or, in Jungian terms, the shadow. These two characters represent opposing archetypes. When George Lucas wrote the Star Wars script, he was deeply influenced by Joseph Campbell’s book, The Hero with a Thousand  Faces, in which Campbell mapped the essential structure behind myths and religions and illustrated that all stories are composed of the same pattern -  the hero’s journey. There are 17 steps to the hero’s journey and you see them in movies and novels that speak to us in mythic terms.

Synchronicity is part of the hero’s journey.  It fits best with that aspect of the journey that Campbell called “supernatural aid,” and occurs once the hero has committed to the quest. “For those who have not refused the call, the first encounter of the hero’s journey is with a protective figure , who provides the adventurer with amulets against the dragon forces he is about to pass,” wrote  Campbell. “What such a figure represents is the benign, protecting power of destiny… protective power is always and ever present within or just behind the unfamiliar features of the world. One has only to know and trust, and the ageless guardians will appear. Having responded to his own call, and continuing to follow courageously as the consequences unfold, the hero finds all the forces of the unconscious at his side.”

The dark side of this journey occurs through external forces – through the shadow/villain that attempts to trick, thwart, subvert, and harm or kill the hero. This shadow comes in many guises and speaks in many voices. It can be the voice that tries to seduce you into believing that synchronicity is a  malevolent force, evidence of your broken personality. Or it can be the whispers of the troll beneath the bridge, who insists that you must believe as he believes before he’ll let you cross.

The shadow/villain usually has a bleak, ugly view of the world and desperately seeks converts to his way of thinking. Your reality, he says, is hammered together by outside forces over which you have no control, and you and you and you have no idea what’s happening. Only he knows. Only he has the inside scoop. There’s an element of the dark trickster in him, too, a kind of insidious quality, slick and tailored, like a Wall Street conman.  The shadow/villain insists that synchronicity isn’t about any underlying order in the universe, that there’s no such thing as unity, that unity, in fact, is ever so dangerous, that if you believe in it, you’re opening yourself to terrible, malevolent forces. Synchronicity, says the shadow/villain, is just the choked wheeze of a world in its death throes.

Darth Vader, like all shadow/villains, had a powerful, booming voice  that made him the center of attention when he spoke. But beneath that black armor, he was just a broken, pathetic man. So if you meet him on your journey, think of Campbell’s words, “The hero is the champion of things becoming, not of things become, because he is,” and just keep on walking.

The Lost Manuscript and the Herring

painting by Paul Klee


Synchronicity and luck often seem to go hand-in-hand. That was certainly the case for Hermann Sudermann (1857-1928) , a German dramatist and novelist whose plays were the basis for more than 35 films in the twentieth century. 

In the early days of his career, Sudermann earned his living by submitting weekly installments of his novels to a newspaper in Berlin. But the newspaper editor was apparently worried that if something happened to Sudermann before he finished a novel, his readers would be left hanging in midair. So one day he informed Sudermann that their arrangement was changing. From here on in, the young novelist would have to turn in the entire book before the chapters were published.

Sudermann wasn’t happen about the change  - tool long between paychecks! But there wans’t much he could do about it except start writing.  He sequestered himself on the family farm and wrote Frau Sorg, about a young man torn between his love for a woman and his devotion to his father. When the novel was finished, Sudermann set out to deliver the manuscript to the newspaper.

He supposedly put the manuscript in his overcoat pocket. This part strikes me as somewhat odd, but perhaps manuscripts back then were written on paper of a smaller size than today’s standard of 8.5X11 inches. He boarded a train for Berlin and in Insterburg, where he was due to change trains, he encountered some old friends. Instead of changing trains, they hit the local watering holes.

The next morning, Sudermann woke in Berlin, but couldn’t remember anything that had happened. Worse than the hangover he probably had was that the manuscript was no longer in his overcoat pocket, which meant he wasn’t going to be paid. Depressed, he headed back to the farm and, that evening, again found himself at Insterburg, waiting for the train to Berlin, which wasn’t due to arrive until morning. He found a place to stay for the night, then hit the local bars again.

At some point, he stopped at a delicatessen and ordered a herring. As was customary in those days, the herring was wrapped in scrap paper and Sudermann was already eating when he recognized the handwriting on the paper as his own. It was a page from his lost manuscript. Elated, he got the rest of the deli’s wrapping paper and recovered most of his novel.

The odds in this story are significant. If Sudermann hadn’t gotten lodging for the night, if  he hadn’t stopped at the deli for that herring, if he’d been too drunk  to recognize his own handwriting, things would have turned out much differently.

The Mysterious Connection with Christy Luna

In 7 Secrets of Synchronicity, we wrote about an empath and friend, Renie Wiley, who sometimes worked with police on various cases, using her empathic abilities to provide information that the police couldn’t obtain any other way.  One night in later 1984, we accompanied Renie to a police station to observe her working on a missing child case, which we also wrote about in the book. But there were parts of the story that we didn't include in the book because the section was on empaths and synchros and not on spirit contact. So here's the full story:

On May 24, 1984, eight-year-old Christy Luna had walked to a store near her her home in Green Acres, Florida, to buy some cat food and never returned. The police suspected foul play and Renie confirmed as much when she used Christy’s stuffed toys to tune in on the girl. In the book, we describe this in some detail. As an empath, she felt what Christy felt when her mother’s boyfriend used to beat up on her and reported the girl was deaf in one ear because of the beatings. Christy's mother later confirmed this fact.   

Later that night, we left the station with Renie and one of the police officers and drove around, following Renie’s directions until we arrived at a wooden area surrounded by a high barbed wire fence. Renie felt that Christy’s body was buried somewhere in the woods and that the mother's boyfriend has killed her.

Skip ahead twenty-four years, to 2008. Psychic Dennie Gooding called to tell us she would be visiting South Florida in March,  that she would be working on a missing person case and was there any chance we could all get together? It turned out she would be town over the same weekend that other friends would be visiting, so everyone agreed to meet at our place.

The day before the festivities, we were going through some old books, weeding out what we no longer needed. A check fell out of one of the books. It was dated 1986, made out to us for $50, repayment on a loan, and was signed Renie Wiley. We exclaimed about how strange it was, that the check had been inside the book all these years, and we wondered if Renie was trying to contact us and we just hadn’t been aware of it. In all the years since she had passed away, we’d never experienced any contact with her.

The night of the festivities, Dennie told us she’d been hired by  a police officer at the Palm Beach County sheriff’s department who worked in the cold cases division. When she began describing the case, Trish suddenly interrupted her.

“Is this the Christy Luna case?”

Dennie’s eyes widened with shock. “Yes.”

“You’re not going to believe this,” Rob said, and walked over to the drawer where we’d put Renie’s check, and brought it out. “Here’s how we know.”

It was as if Renie had reached out from the afterlife through the unsolved disappearance of Christy Luna and the psychic who had been hired to delve into it nearly a quarter of a century later. The synchronicities were remarkably layered and the contact occurred in an unusual way. Here are the facts:

Renie and Dennie didn’t know each other. Renie had long since passed away by the time we met Dennie through a Canadian astrologer who touted her psychic ability and gave us her contact information. If Trish hadn’t left a comment on his blog about his post on Mercury’s retrograde during the 2000 presidential election, they probably wouldn’t have communicated at all and we never would have met Dennie.

Rob had a reading with Dennie around 2002 or so. We gave her name to another friend, Nancy, who recommended Dennie to the wife of the police officer who eventually hired her to delve into the Christy Luna case.

Neither of us remember sticking Renie’s check inside a book. In fact, in 1986,  we were just starting out as writers, money was tight, and it’s likely we would have cashed the check as soon as we’d gotten it.

The cluster in this instance revolved around the unsolved disappearance of Christy Luna and the two psychics who, separated by nearly twenty-five years, worked on the case. 

At any point in the past, different decisions might have been made and none of the events described here would have happened. So who was orchestrating all this, anyway? And that’s always the bottom line, isn’t it?

Synchro Bucks!

Here's a neat synchro from a neighbor,who has a son in college.It was a Saturday morning and he was driving to the bank with a $25 check to deposit into his son's account. The check had been a b-day gift from his  aunt, but Tom didn't have any deposit slips at college. So the check ended up with Dad weeks after his son's birthday.

It turned out the bank wasn't open on Saturdays. So he headed back home thinking, as he's  driving, Why am I dealing with this $25 check? Why not something bigger, he thought. Why not dream? It should be a check for $250, or $2,500, or $25,000, or...$250,000. Why not?

A short time after he got home, he picked up the mail, and found a mysterious envelope from a lawyer in Denver. It was addressed to his son, but he figured he better open it. He did so warily, wondering if his son had somehow taken a trip to Denver without telling his parents and gotten into trouble. His eyes widened as he read through the letter and flipped through the other pages enclosed. He could hardly believe what he  read. Tom had just inherited $25,000 from a third cousin, whom he'd met once when he was nine.

Wow! Magic. A $25 check turns into $25,000 with minutes. Synchronicity and the laws of attraction come through! Neighbor guy definitely wins the synchro jacket. A good example of getting what you focus on. Hm, let me try that.

Fear and Loathing and Synchronicity

Synchronicity is a kind of twilight zone of magic. It’s the border where our inner and outer worlds meet, the language of the unconscious. It’s certainly not something to be feared. In fact, the more frequently you experience it, the less fragmented you are as a human being – and that’s from Jung.

For centuries, man has recognized signs and symbols as meaningful. In the fourth century B.C., Greek philosopher Heraclitus saw all things as inter-related or following ‘cosmic reason.’ He believed that events were not isolated happenings, but had repercussions across the entire fabric of existence, that all things were linked by a web of organization created by Logos.

Hippocrates, born twenty years after Heraclitus died, expressed similar thoughts. “There is one common flow, a common breathing. Everything is in sympathy. The whole organism and each one of its parts are working together for the same purpose. The great principle extends to the most extreme part, and from the extremest part returns again to the great principle.”

The Roman scholar Agrippa referred to a Fifth Essence, something beyond earth, air, fire and water that held existence together. He also called it the World Soul, which penetrates all things and is a thing in itself. Agrippa’s contemporary, Plotinus, wrote, “Chance has no place in life, but only harmony and order reign therein.”

In the Middle Ages, this idea was known as the unus mundus, one world, and referred to a collective knowledge that exists independently of us, yet is available to us. In this cosmology, the source of meaningful coincidence is separate from our conscious awareness and egos, but it’s where our psyche and the external world touch.

For physicist and writer  F. David Peat, synchronicity is a bridge between mind and matter:  “Synchronicities … open the floodgates of the deeper levels of consciousness and matter which, for a creative instant, sweep over the mind and heal the division between the internal and the external.”

 Physicist David Bohm  referred to this inner world, this primal soup that births everything in the universe  – space, time, consciousness - as the implicate order.  “Every action starts from an intention in the implicate order,” he wrote. “The imagination is already the creation of the form.” In other words, imagination and reality are ultimately indistinguishable. Bohm called our external reality the explicate order because it unfolds from this deeper order of existence. In Bohm’s view of the universe, everything is part of a continuum.

Robert Lanza, an M.D. and professor at Wake Forrest University School of Medicine, goes even farther than Bohm  in his book Biocentrism. Lanza makes a convincing argument that consciousness is everything. Remember the koan? If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound? According to Lanza, it doesn’t. In his cosmology, neither the tree nor the forest exist if a consciousness isn’t perceiving it.

This isn’t New Age, liberal prattle about the unity of man and the universe. It’s science that begins at the quantum level.

So where do UFOs, aliens and abductions belong in these cosmologies? Well, in Lanza’s worldview, if you open that door in your consciousness, then these entities and experiences exist for you. In the Jungian worldview, these experiences symbolize archetypes that have become active in your psyche. In Bohm’s worldview, these things may be a holographic phenomenon. Astrophysicist Jacques Vallee, one of the world’s most respected UFO researchers and model for the character La Combe in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, seems to agree. He said the behavior of UFOs “is the behavior of an image, or a holographic projection.”

Yet, as Michael Talbot addresses in his brilliant book, The Holographic Universe, UFOs and aliens can’t be just psychic projections of the unconscious, not with all the physical evidence left behind  – like the scars and incision marks of abductees. “Given that quantum physics has shown us that mind and matter are inextricably linked, I suggest that UFOs and related phenomena are further evidence of this ultimate lack of division between the psychological and physical worlds. They are indeed a product of the collect human psyche, but they are also quite real.” He theorized that the phenomenon wasn’t subjective or objective, but “omnijective,” something humans have “not yet learned to comprehend properly.”

Physician and near-death researcher Kenneth Ring recognizes parallels between NDEs, abduction experiences, and the mythic realities through which shamans journey. Again, this is not a New Age belief system. It’s science, the study of consciousness and the nature of reality.  Whitley Strieber, author of a number of bestselling books about the abduction phenomenon and one of the most articulate voices among abductees, said that these encounters “may be our first true quantum discovery in the large-scale world: The very act of  observing it may be creating it as a concrete actuality, with sense, definition, and a consciousness of its own.”

So if you are told that synchronicity should be feared because it represents the contraction of possibilities and potential, that it is something manipulated by malignant forces that are controlling you and everything else in the universe, that the aliens or the shadow people or some other hidden, terrifying forces are running the show, take off in the opposite direction. Fear and divisiveness have always been the favored weapons of petty tyrants. Hitler knew that. Mussolini knew it. Karl Rove knows it. We write our scripts from the inside out, from the fabrics of our consciousness, from the fundamental tenets of our belief systems, whatever they are.

The Global Mind

September 11, of course, is the ninth anniversary of the World Trade Center attack. The dramatic impact of the disaster became a natural target for a scientific study aimed at monitoring what author Dean Radin called the ‘global mind.’ The Global Consciousness Project, based at Princeton University and co-sponsored by the Institute of Noetic Sciences, is an Internet-based experiment started by Princeton’s Dr. Roger Nelson. Since 1998, it has been monitoring the movements of this global mind. Radin, writing in the May 2003 issue of Ions Noetic Sciences Review, described the project as “an ocean of individual minds…that explores the mind-matter relationship” by using a random number generator – RNG.

Today’s network consists of 65 sites worldwide that generate random numbers. Once a `minute, these numbers are downloaded and analyzed to find out how consistent they are. As explained at Conscious Project Dot website: “The theory is that the Global Consciousness of all the people of the world affect these random numbers…”

Radin noted that the events of 9-11 provided a tragic but edifying test for the project, due to the nature of the events and the heightened 24/7 media coverage. On 9-11, 37 of the random number generators were active. The fluctuations in the bell curve analysis indicated that anomalies began two hours before the first plane hit the WTC, odds of 20 to 1, Radin noted. The results that day were the fifteenth largest out of nearly 1,400 days. “That means that on that fateful day, the GCP’s ‘bells’ collectively rang out around the world with an unusually pure tone.”

So what, exactly, is this global mind? It’s the combined consciousness of every soul on the planet. “Consciousness has a creative, productive, generative role in the world such that what we wish for is more likely to be than if we hadn’t wished for it,” Nelson wrote. “What we envision together will manifest in the world in a subtle way.” Nelson, the project’s innovator, believes there’s a higher level of consciousness, that we’re participating in it already and that it may already be self-aware.

Back in 2003, Dean Radin noted that after he and his colleagues published their findings about 9-11 in the physics journal, Foundations of Physics Letters, some scientists were skeptical. In the course of explaining how he went about exploring the analysis of the RNG in as objective a way as possible, he said, “If the Global Consciousness Project is detecting genuine, large-scale mind-matter interactions, then it raised the possibility that some coincidences may be more than just dumb luck.” Then he related two astonishing synchronicities related to the 2002 memorial events for 9-11.

The first synchronicity involves the New York Lottery. On the evening of September 11, 2002, the numbers 9-1-1 came up. Radin said the chance probability of any given three-number sequence is 1 in 1,000, and a bit of investigation revealed that in the previous 5,000 drawings of this lottery, the 9-1-1 sequence had come up five times. “However, is it a coincidence that this number appeared on this date, in this city, and not in any of the other state lotteries? Given the massive attention placed on the sequence 9-1-1 on that day and in that city, it does make one wonder.”

The next synchronicity occurred at ground zero in Manhattan, also on September 11, 2002. The weather that day was calm, the sky was blue and clear, no storms were predicted. Yet, as reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on September 12, just before the commemoration ceremony was to begin, the winds whipped up and the air filled with dust, just as it had a year earlier, as the towers fell. Radin pointed out that a month later, Windsurfer magazine published an article written by a windsurfer who was there.

“After witnessing the strong wind that ‘came out of nowhere,’ the windsurfer checked the wind records for September 11 and for the previous few days,” Radin wrote. “The results were striking: For a week before September 11, 2002, the winds near New York City were calm, averaging about five miles an hour. On September 11, around 9 AM, the winds in the bay near Long Island suddenly shot up over 45 miles an hour.”

Radin was impressed enough by this story to check with the National Weather Service station in Central Park and also at Dulles Airport near D.C. for that date. And yes, both locations experienced changes in barometric pressure and wind speed, starting around 9 AM. Radin wrote, “This ongoing experiment suggests that as mass mind moves, so does matter.”

The Universe Delivers

from Soul Cards

We've posted several of Judi Hertling's synchros. They usually involve her request to the universe for something specific, then a synchronicity occurs, and the universe delivers. Her most recent story is here. 


In early 2007, my husband and I completed construction of our potential dream home. As anyone who as ever built a house with a spouse and a contractor knows, it doesn’t get much more stressful than that. So when I began journaling about stress, illness and healing on a nightly basis, I was only slightly surprised. 

I am a positive person for the most part so this is not a topic I usually write about, however as I hadn’t been feeling up to par for a few weeks, it seemed a natural way for me to release a few negative energies that may have accumulated during the whole construction experience, while at the same time allowing me to explore on paper which areas of my life were out of balance. 

While there was nothing physical that I could put my finger on, I had a vague sense that something within me was not quite right. I could not shake the feeling that the house, while beautiful, felt wrong to me and that I also felt wrong in a way that I could not explain. As far back as I can remember I have been sensitive to my environment, to people, and to the subtle changes within my body. 

I am also guilty of not always acting on those subtleties, or instincts. Not always trusting my intuition.

Winston Churchill said. 'You create your own universe as you go along." So this time I listened. And I trusted.

I made an appointment with my physician and went to see him a few days later. He ran the usual tests, found nothing too unusual, and told me to come back in a few weeks if I was still feeling - off. 

Trusting that the Universe was trying to tell me something about myself, something important, I made a second appointment and after more tests and examinations he referred me to a specialist who was not usually available to take new patients. The appointment was scheduled for six days later. This in itself was unusual since appointments to see most specialists in Canada can take six weeks or longer so I was grateful that I wouldn’t have to wait that long, and also because it was scheduled for two days after my husband arrived home from working a five week rotation overseas.

On the allotted day we arrived a few minutes early, filled out the necessary paperwork and then I was hustled into the exam room. An hour later I returned to the waiting area, a little shaken. I told my husband that during the exam the specialist had found two ovarian masses, and I needed to have major surgery to determine if they were cancerous or not. 

Given that my Mother had passed away of ovarian cancer, this was not good news.

The date for surgery was still to be scheduled, and we were warned that it would be at least a four to six weeks wait since operating rooms were in short supply. I was also informed that I would need someone to be home with me for at least four weeks following surgery. No lifting, no cooking, no cleaning, no driving. We have no family where we live, we were new in the neighbourhood, and my husband was due to go back overseas in five weeks. 

I needed a synchronicity so big that it would rearrange people and events once again to provide that which I needed. Surgery and recuperation time all before my husband went back overseas. Impossible? Maybe.

My mantra is always the same. “If it is for my highest good and for the highest good of all those concerned.” 

The next day I received a telephone call from the surgeon’s office saying that she had received a surprising and very sudden surgical cancellation, and that she would be able to perform my surgery 48 hours later if we could be at the hospital the next day for pre-op tests. 

Not only did the Universe provide a way for me to have the much needed surgery, but my husband would be there to take care of me and the household chores as I needed, and as I had asked for. 

The surgery was successful and four weeks later, once the pathology report was back, we heard the magic words, “the tumors were benign. No cancer.”

The Magic of Finding Books

This story came from Kim Edmands. It's the kind of synchro we love to hear about. It's as if 7 Secrets has found its own momentum. Several times now, people have reported finding the book sitting on top of a stack of unrelated books, just waiting for them to pick it up. It's how we have found books over the years - one falls off a shelf and lands at your feet, that sort of thing. Many thanks to Kim for taking the time to write!

Last week I was going to the Mall and decided to enter through Barnes and Noble with no intention of purchasing a book, just passing through to another store inside.

As I entered the store, I had been deep in thought about signs and their meanings. Having lost a son several years ago, signs have taken on a different meaning to me. Butterflies and dragonflies are of interest me. A workshop I recently attended they talked about signs and their meanings, so it opened me to something new. I had been thinking about it all day.

As I entered the store-- sitting there on the front table next to the door, I spotted a book with a butterfly on it, so naturally I was drawn to it. The title--- The 7 Secrets of Synchronicity. There it sat by itself, apart from the other random books on the the table. I picked it up, not knowing what the title meant. I immediately realized it was exactly what I was just thinking about!!

Now, that is synchronicity!!
As a bonus, Kim added this synchro:
A synchronicity from years ago:

I was driving to work and a song came on the radio. It was a song that a previous co-worker played over and over while we worked. So it naturally reminded me of him. He had not worked at the restaurant for 6 months and last I heard he was living out of state.

Then out of my mouth I heard myself saying "He is going to be at work tonight". I laughed to myself and thought that was a crazy thought because he lived over 1,000 miles away!

As I walked into the kitchen of the restaurant, there stood the very person who I had just said would be there that night!! I was dumbfounded. I immediately asked him why he was there-- he said he had just gotten back into town and the owner called him to fill in at the last minute because he was ill.

Of course, I did not tell anyone of my experience that night- it seemed like an odd thing to experience. I have experienced other synchronicites, but this is the one that sticks in my mind the most. Maybe it is the first one I remember experiencing- I was in my 20's.

Clusters and Figs

The July 12 post on our blog, The Numinous Quality of Clusters, received some of the strangest comments about people's experiences with clusters. It's the fifth secret in our book and states: Synchronicity manifests itself in clusters of numbers, names, objects, words, symbols. As you'll see from the next two stories, clusters can occur with anything - even figs!

What's particularly interesting about these stories - aside from the fig clusters - is that they also seem to be about spirit contact.  We've heard of some truly bizarre ways that the dead communicate with the living, but figs are certainly a first.

Musing egret, who comments frequently on our blog, but doesn't have one of her own,  commented:

"I love that word 'numinous' and all its definitions! (I looked them up.) I had a small cluster sync over the weekend. Sweetie brought me some ripening figs from a big tree near the golf course where he plays and I babbled on thanking him and reminiscing about my paternal grandma making batches of fig preserves every summer. Those fig preserves were the only fruit my grampa would have on his toast each morning.

"Next morning (Sunday) I started reading my favorite blogs and there on "Bayou Woman" was a recipe for fig preserves handed down 3 generations in her own family! I felt like my grandmother was whispering 'hello, I love you.'"


Then Gypsy followed with another comment, which reminded me (Trish) that she had related this story in an email and I had intended to write it up. Her fig story:

 On July 4, my daughter, Lisa,  was in the kitchen about to make a brunch meal for herself and her son and asked me if i would like some of her new birthday fig preserves her sister, Heather, had given her. Because I hadn't been feeling well, I decided not to try them, but remarked how much I love them and wanted to preserve some myself. But they simply aren't available here in Delaware. I said how weird it was that Heather had found fig preserves at a tjmaxx in Dover - grown and preserved in Rogers, Arkansas of all places.

"Now, Rogers is a little town in between Bentonville and Springdale, an area where many of our ancestors settled, where there is still family land and where my brother lived at the time of his death, so it holds special significance for me. Well, we're in the middle of our discussion about figs and things related and there's a knock at the carport door. The next door neighbor has dropped by to tell us that she was just at a little farmer's market up the road and saw fresh figs there. She wanted me to know.

"It has to have been at LEAST two years since I mentioned figs to her - and as if that wasn't weird enough, later that night I checked sitemeter and saw that someone from Rogers, Arkansas had just visited my blogs for the first time. My brother died in 1991 and while I think of him in some way or other every day, the past few weeks, it has been more than usual and even have dreamed of him several times although I don't remember the content of the dreams.

"When he and I were kids and near fig trees, it was always the two of us who would spend hours picking the figs, eating them as we picked. I can still remember the sticky feel of the leaves and the figs and the heat of the summer when we picked them. His only child is grown now and has children of her own and has been talking to me for a couple of weeks about her father's death and burial. So perhaps all of this is intertwined somehow."


The Wound in Humanity's Soul

On day 81 of the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico,  the oil gusher continues to spew unabated, livelihoods have been trashed, beaches have been defiled, and the wildlife continues to die. Photos of sea turtles and pelicans covered in oil,  videos of dolphins in their death throes, fish floating belly up in a reddish black ocean: it's become heartbreaking to watch, day after day, week after week,month after month.  Our last best hope may be the relief well, but what if it doesn't work?  Right now, the Coast Guard says the new containment cap could stop the gusher by Monday,  July 12.  Whether or not it works, the fact remains that 60,000 to 100,000 barrels of oil have been pouring into the gulf since April 20.  Is this the tipping point that kills the Gulf? That alters life as we know it?

A number of synchronicities have occurred during this debacle. We've written about several of them on our blog. Check here and here for starters.  Then enter the term oil spill into the blog's search box. 

In Jungian terms, the ocean symbolizes the collective unconscious. For instance, when you dream of ocean, deep waters, you are diving into that part of your psyche that lies beyond your life right now. You are plunging into the soup of myth, legend, fairy tale. You're doing the backstroke and the crawl through the waters that touch every life, every soul, Jung's collective unconscious.  In this archaic place, the universe speaks to us with big symbols, in broad terms, and it doesn't matter what language you speak, what color you are, or what you believe. You see the symbol, you get it,  you understand the message.

So we have the ocean, our collective selves, and 80 days ago it began to hemorrhage.  Maybe it's the wound of humanity, our collective anguish that our governments have failed us, that our politicians value profit above all else, that we now realize we had opportunities in the past to become something other than an oil-based society and we didn't seize them. Profit won out. I remember those three and four hour waits to fill my old car's gas tank.

There's a lot of talk about the march to armageddon, the end of the Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012. Personally, I can't buy into the hype.  But when I look at the symbolism, at the extent of the hemorrhaging, the enormous loss of blood, I can certainly believe the planet has reached the tipping point. If we still have a little wiggle room, though, is there some way to mitigate the tipping point? Can that collective blood congeal somehow, creating a mass consciousness so powerful  that it changes what now seems inevitable? Maybe. What do we have to lose?

The Ghost and the Straight Pins

For Carl Jung, spirit contact fell under the larger umbrella of synchronicity. Jung had several experiences himself with spirits, which he recounts in his autobiography. I've always wondered, though, what he would think of the ghost and the straight pins.

During my (Trish) last year in college, I lived in a small apartment on the third floor of a spavined building in Utica, New York. My roommate, Linda, and I, shared our cramped living space with a tabby cat. Early in the school year, Linda's grandmother passed away. One day not long afterward, Linda's mother found a straight pin on the grandmother's tombstone. A few days later, our tabby, Tigger,  was about to jump into a chair where I was reading when she suddenly did a 180 in midair and tore into the bedroom. Linda and I just looked at each other, wondering what that was about.

The next morning, I found straight pins scattered around the living room - a pin stuck in a couch cushion, pins laying on the rug, a couple more straight pins on the kitchen table. This began to happen consistently. When Linda mentioned it to her mother, she sort of laughed and said it was Linda's grandmother. "Nana G loved to sew. I've been finding straight pins all over the house, even underlining passages in the bible."

I didn't have any problem believing in ghosts and was certain that Tigger had seen Nana G the night she did that 180, but straight pins?How did a ghost manipulate physical matter, even matter as small as a straight pin? But one weekend when we visited Linda's parents, her mother showed up the straight pins underlining passages in the bible.

"How does Nana G do that?" I asked Linda's mom.
"I have no idea," she replied. "But isn't it amazing?"

The straight pin phenomenon continued consistently for several months, then gradually stopped. About ten years later, I was visiting St. Augustine with Linda and her mother. We were in that fort featured in the photo, Castillo de San Marcos. The Spanish began construction on this fort in 1672 to protect the city. It's the only existing 17th century fort in North America. Inside, the fort looks like the photo above.

Within its empty hallways, our footsteps echoed. The whisper of the past was everywhere. But everything was bare - the thick walls, the well-worn floors, not even a piece of trash in sight. So the three of us were moving through the interior, marveling at how cool it was despite the summer heat outside. I happened to look down and stopped, incredulous, staring at a single straight pin.

I picked it up and showed it to Linda's mother. "What're the odds of finding a straight pin in this place?" I asked

Her mom smiled. "I've been feeling Nana G around."

"Looks like she wanted to tour the place with us," Linda said.

"So is this an apport?" I asked.

Neither of them had an answer. But to this day, an apport - the paranormal transference of an object from one place to another - seems to be the best explanation.



We have a blog on synchronicity that we've mentioned elsewhere on this site. We've had the blog since February 3, 2009, and it's on synchronicity. Occasionally, we post other stuff, currents topics on the Gulf oil spill or politics. Unless your blog is by invitation only, it can be read by anyone.  Anywhere. At any time. That's the beauty of the Internet. It's a synchronicity machine  in that it connects people globally who might not connect otherwise. But it can also be perilous.

In the early months of our blog, we posted a synchronicity about deaths at a particular tourist site.  It was the lamest synchro we've ever posted. We even cited the source of the story. Yesterday, June 28, 2010, we returned home from the gym, tried to get on our blog and received a notice that it was not available.  About 40 minutes later, it came online again. We didn't have a clue what had actually happened. Today, June 29, 2010, we received a notice from google that we had been cited for copyright infringement, and that if the offensive post wasn't removed, our blog would be deleted. The tourist site  story was cited as the big offender. We don't know what in this post is copy infringement, but hey, we use our blog for research, so we deleted the story.  Here's where it gets interesting.

We have sitemeter on our blog. It's a wonderful tool that enables you to find patterns in what draws people to your blog. Why your blog and not one of the 130 million other blogs? We noticed that after this citation had arrived, a certain department in the US government came on the blog, using search terms that strongly suggest they were looking for information about this  particular tourist site. In other words, they were making sure we had deleted  the post.

Are we getting a picture here?

The Sparrow Hawks of Aruba

In 7 Secrets of Synchronicity, we talk about animals as synchronistic messengers. Sometimes, these messengers address larger issues, like the spirit of a particular country.

Aruba's desert is a desolate place, filled with all the stuff you expect to find in  deserts - cactuses, arid land, mysterious culverts that hold water, plants that have adapted to the lack of water, and critters that call the desert home.

One evening, we were sitting on the porch of the cottage where were staying when, suddenly, in my peripheral vision, I saw what looked like a small hawk hovering just above the fence of the house next door. But it looked too small to be a hawk and by the time I stood for a closer look, it had flown off and alighted on a cactus on the other side of the road.

The next day, we drove to some of the tourist spots - a donkey rescue farm, a place called Casibari where gigantic stones (origin unknown) create a mysterious park, and an ostrich farm. The farm has 28 ostriches that are like pets for the people who own the place. They supposedly aren't killed for their meat or oil, but are primarily a tourist attraction. While we were sitting there, a young woman held a bird on her arm. It was a sparrow hawk, chewing away at a piece of ostrich meat. I realized this was the species of bird I had seen that night on the porch.

Megan asked if she could hold it and the bird climbed onto her hand, the bit of  meat still in its claws. Rob and I both petted it and the sparrow hawk didn't flinch or try to bite us.

"Is it a pet?" I asked.

"No, not really," the young woman said. "It just likes people." She flashed a quick smile. "And it likes the meat."

After awhile, the sparrow hawk flew off. It obviously wasn't a pet in the traditional sense. But the young woman said it would return at dusk, for another piece of meat.  What I found curious about this encounter is that the sparrow hawk reflects the people of Aruba.

In esoteric terms, the hawk symbolizes the search for a higher truth and broader perspective, the sparrow is about creativity. Starting in 1953, the island began to sculpt its image as a tourist destination. It capitalized on its strengths - fantastic beaches, the intriguing desert geography, and its location in the Caribbean, a spot outside the hurricane belt. Over the years, the idea of Aruba as "one happy island" took root in the collective consciousness of its people. As one local gentleman put it, "The island is too small to hold grudges."

Aruba covers 70 square miles, is about 20 miles long and and six miles wide. Four languages are taught in schools - Dutch, English, Spanish, and a local dialect, Papiamento. But Chinese is also spoken here. Most of the supermarkets are owned and run by the Chinese.

There are luxury resorts - the Marriot, the Hyatt - but there are also smaller, family-owned places like the Boardwalk and the North Shore Cottage where we stayed. These places cater to windsurfers, kite boarders, sun worshippers, and tourists seeking respite, fun, and the silence that only deserts and exquisite beaches can provide. Here, you can parasail, skydive, go tubing, horseback ride through the desert and along the beaches. Or you can float in the swimming pool of one of the luxury hotels and sip Margaritas until dawn. You name the activity, someone will provide it.

The people of Aruba are as adaptable and independent as that sparrow hawk that perched on Megan's hand, allowed us to pet it, photograph it, and then flew off  into the afternoon light, following the lure of the wild, its bit of meat still clutched in its claws.
- Trish

The Couch Synchronicity


In 2005, five years after we moved into our current home, our next door neighbors decided to take advantage of the boom in the housing market. They sold their home and moved to North Carolina. Before they moved out, we bought three pieces of
furniture from them - a coffee table, a love seat and and the large couch featured in this photo. It was a good deal for us and saved them money in shipping costs.

A couple of weeks after they left, the new neighbors moved in - Annette and Kevin, a young couple with two small kids. During their first Christmas on our street, they invited us over for drinks. When we walked into their house, we were shocked to see this couch:

Same couch, but with the designs reversed. It stood in the same spot where our couch had formerly. It was as if the couch and its message had returned, slightly altered, after we had bought it. What are the odds? Over the years, we have wondered about this strange little couch synchronicity.

When Annette and Kevin first moved in, they didn't have any pets. Now they have a dog and two cats. Recently, Annette's sister's family moved in with them until they find a home in the area. They brought two cats and two dogs with them. So there's a regular kennel in their home now! We have a dog and three cats. The synchronicity now seems obvious. We pet sit for each other.


Synchros in the News 

There are at least two interesting synchronicities in the news this week. The first involves the oil spill, the second involves Tiger Woods.

The trickster is a classic Jungian archetype, embodied in characters like Smeagol from Lord of the Rings. A trickster synchronicity usually reveals itself with a twisted humor or a wry irony that makes you feel like you're the brunt of the universe's joke. It appears that the explosion of the oil rig in the gulf has a trickster element to it.

As oil continues to spew in the gulf, more details are emerging about what happened. A bubble of methane gas is now blamed for the explosion. It apparently escaped from the well, traveled up the drill column. As it traveled, it expanded and blew through seals and barriers before it exploded. These details have emerged from interviews with survivors.

Now here's the trickster part of this story and it's truly bizarre. While the well was being converted from an exploration well to a production well, the process that enabled the methane bubble to travel up the drill column, BP execs were on the rig, toasting their safety record. They were injured but managed to get to the life boats and escape.

It was as if the trickster was saying, What? You're toasting your safety record? Well, we'll see about that, boys.

Perhaps it's time for the administration to read Carl Jung.

Tiger's Mishap

The trickster is also prominent in this synchronicity about Tiger Woods.

Tiger has been playing in the PGA tour and yesterday, May 10, he announced that he was dropping out due to a neck injury that he believed was related to  a bulging disk. A newscaster reporting about Tiger's neck injury mispronounced "disk" and called it Tiger's "bulging dick." 

Manifesting the Brunette

Stories about manifesting what you desire are always fascinating. They illustrate  the law of attraction in a way that anyone can understand. They sometimes have a trickster element to them, but can also be so pure and literal that you end up scratching your head and murmuring, "Wow."

This story happened to a young man who comments on our blog as Sansego, and he included it as a comment under one of our posts.  Before you read it, click the link, so you can read about what led to this interesting manifestation.


 Something interesting happened to me last night. You read my post about the  snobby pretty girl I tried to have a conversation with last week and she stone  cold rejected me after a few "unbearable" minutes.

After that painful rejection, I decided to test my "manifestation" skills, so I  asked the universe to send me a French lady who wears a scarf around her neck, has dark hair, and someone I find attractive. Last night, a lady came to a discussion group I participate in. She had dark hair and cool glasses, and was wearing a scarf around her neck. She's not French, but she's fluent in French and has been living in Paris and Senegal for the past few years! We had a great conversation and she's planning to move back to Portland and be more involved with this group. Not sure if it will amount to much more than this meeting, but I had a good laugh about it afterwards.

Be careful what you ask may just get it, even when you're joking!

Air Tragedy Linked to the Past  

Secret 7 is about global synchronicities, when the universe  speaks to us as a collective, as people inhabiting the same planet, the same space time reality. The recent crash of the Polish jet is such an example.

Whenever there's a tragedy that gains worldwide attention, there's usually synchronicity related to it. That is certainly the case of the crash of a Polish jet in Russia on April 3, 2010. . As you've probably heard, Poland lost its president, top military brass, and other elite members of Polish society in the crash that killed 96.

Here's the sad synchronicity. The plane crashed in Russia's Katyn forest where thousands of Polish officers and intellectuals were slain by Soviet forces in World War II in an attempt to eliminate some the country's leaders. That, in itself, is a startling synchronicity. But now add this to the scenario: The Polish leaders on the flight were on a trip to Russia to honor those who died in Katyn forest 70 years ago.

Former President Lech Walesa, who was wasn't on the plane, said: "This is so much like Katyn, where our head was cut off."

Among those killed with President Lech Kaczynski, his wife, his closest aides, lawmakers, army commanders, church figures, were relatives of the victims of the 1940 massacre of Polish officers in Katyn forest. Also, among the dead was Ryszard Kaczorowski, 90, the last leader of the Poland's exiled resistance government, based in London.

Also killed was, Anna Walentynowicz, 80, an icon of Poland's Solidarity freedom movement. Workers at the Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk went on strike when Walentynowicz was fired from her job as a crane operator in August 1980 for her opposition activity. That action sparked strikes that spread quickly to other plants across the country, giving rise to Solidarity, the movement that helped bring down Soviet rule in Poland nine years later.

One further bittersweet synchronicity involving this tragedy. Polish sculptor Wojciech Seweryn, who lived in the Chicago area, died in the crash. Seweryn, 70, designed a memorial to the victims of Katyn that stands in a cemetery in Niles, Illinois. He had made the trip to honor his father, who perished at Katyn in 1940.

A sad story, filled with irony. It's almost as if the horror of what happened in that forest 70 years ago, was so powerful that it brought down the plane carrying those who were honoring the dead. In spite of the sadness for all of those who died in the plane crash, there's also a larger picture, an action of the mass consciousness of a people. In a sense, it was a fitting closure for the many older Polish people on board. At some level in their individual consciousness, Former President Lech Walesa, who was wasn't on the plane, said: "This is so much like Katyn, where our head was cut off."

Among those killed with President Lech Kaczynski, his wife, his closest aides, lawmakers, army commanders, church figures, were relatives of the victims of the 1940 massacre of Polish officers in Katyn forest. Also, among the dead was Ryszard Kaczorowski, 90, the last leader of the Poland's exiled resistance government, based in London.

Also killed was, Anna Walentynowicz, 80, an icon of Poland's Solidarity freedom movement. Workers at the Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk went on strike when Walentynowicz was fired from her job as a crane operator in August 1980 for her opposition activity. That action sparked strikes that spread quickly to other plants across the country, giving rise to Solidarity, the movement that helped bring down Soviet rule in Poland nine years later.

One further bittersweet synchronicity involving this tragedy. Polish sculptor Wojciech Seweryn, who lived in the Chicago area, died in the crash. Seweryn, 70, designed a memorial to the victims of Katyn that stands in a cemetery in Niles, Illinois. He had made the trip to honor his father, who perished at Katyn in 1940.

A sad story, filled with irony. It's almost as if the horror of what happened in that forest 70 years ago, was so powerful that it brought down the plane carrying those who were honoring the dead. In spite of the sadness for all of those who died in the plane crash, there's also a larger picture, an action of the mass consciousness of a people. In a sense, it was a fitting closure for the many
older Polish people on board. At some level in their individual consciousness, they had all agreed to be on this flight and to die in this manner.

The Boss Materializes

On our synchronicity  blog on March 27, we posted a synchronicity involving Bruce Springsteen, where Rob was  hoping to materialize The Boss, but materialized his boss for his yoga classes at the gym, while a Springsteen song was playing. Today we were at the gym and I noticed a bunch of kids and women congregating in one area. Then a man in workout clothes gathered a couple of kids in front of him while the women whipped out their cell phones and snapped pictures.

It's The Boss, I thought. Now how do I take a picture without being really tacky? I paused on the rowing machine and snapped a photo of him working on a bicep machine. I was too far away and the photo just looked like a bunch of machines in a gym.

At the time, Rob had run home to get his pay sheet for his yoga classes for the week and I kept hoping Springsteen wouldn't leave before he returned. I moved to a different area in the gym, hoping to snap a better photo. But people kept walking between us, I was still too far away.  I was surprised that so many people walked past him without seeming to recognize him. He was so accessible that I was shocked he wasn't being mobbed.

Rob returned and I said, "The Boss just walked right past you."

"What? Where?"

I tilted my head toward Springsteen, the closest he had been since I'd spotted him. "I didn't even recognize him!"

"I'm going over to ask him if I can take his photo. For the blog."

"Naw, don't do that. He's working out."

I thought about it for about five seconds, then went over. "Excuse me. May I intrude on your workout for a moment?"


Soulful eyes, I'm thinking. "You're the topic of a synchronicity," I said.

"Synchronicity," he repeats, looking amused.

"You know, meaningful coincidence?" And then I tell him about Rob's experience and mention the book. "May I take your photo for the blog?"

"Let me put on my shirt."

I'm thinking, No, don't do that. A friend of mine wants pictures of your biceps! And he got up from his machine, shrugged on his shirt, and I snapped the photo with my BlackBerry.

"So now I'm going to be on a synchronicity blog?" he asks.

"You are. Thank you so much. I appreciate it."

So, two days after Rob's post on whether he could materialize the boss, The Boss appeared.


The Ghost Ship Caleuche


It was a synchronicity that led us to the island of Chiloe, Chile, and the legend of ghost ship Caleuche. We first heard about the ghost ship on a flight from Miami to Santiago, in July 1983. We were on our honeymoon and Chile was our first destination. We struck up a conversation with the woman who sat next to us andasked her where the mythology, the mystery, of Chile could be found. "Chiloe," she said without hesitation.

We'd never heard of it.

"It's an island off Puerto Montt, where land transportation ends in my country. From Puerto Montt, you take a ferry to Chiloe.The name means land of sea gulls.There, they believe in a ghost ship, the Caleuche, that is manned by sorcerers or brujos, who are immortal and possess the power to alter their shapes at will. They can transform themselves into wolves, fish, rocks and birds, and when they take human form, they are tall, foreign, blond." She went on to say that some islanders believed that the ship itself could transform its shape.

We were hooked. Our synchronistic choice of seats pretty much defined our journey through Chile. We spent two days in Santiago, then boarded an overnight train to Puerto Montt. It was the middle of winter in Chile and as soon as we arrived in Puerto Montt, we went shopping for jackets. Floridians, it seems, are never prepared for winter--especially in July. The next morning, we hopped the ferry to Ancud, one of three towns on Chiloe. Once we found a place to stay, we started our exploration.

At a local restaurant, we quickly discovered that the ghost ship wasn't just a myth to the locals. It was based on real events that involved encounters with the brujos, who supposedly crewed the ship. The villagers also spoke of stories of the pincoyas - the mermaids - that inhabited the waters near the island. Everything in the restaurant - from the ashtrays to the art on the walls - depicted the ship, the mermaids, the brujos.

We asked our waiter if there was anyone in town we could talk to who had seen the Caleuche. He directed us to a neighborhood down the road, where many of the homes are built on stilts that keep them above the water. "Ask anyone you see about the Caleuche."

But first, we stopped at the pier where a fisherman offered us a local delicacy - a sea urchin cut in half, spines removed and the jelly-like innards splashed with lime juice. Rob tried one, and while he was devouring it, I asked the fishermen about mermaids. He sort of chuckled. "The legend says that when the fish are running, the mermaids face shore. When the fish are gone, the mermaids face the ocean, so their backs are to us."

Our next question - had he ever seen one - brought a response that turned out to be fairly common. "My father did." Or, my cousin, grandmother, friend etc. But there were also people who claimed to be actual witnesses.

We walked on toward the outskirts of town and paused on a bridge, gazing out over the harbor where the Caleuche supposedly had been sighted. One night in 1968, a pastor in Ancud was startled to see a large sailing vessel enter the shallow, unnavigable waters of the Rio Pudeto, where we were standing. "I saw several brilliant lights, then a mast, then two more masts and finally, a ship illuminated in brilliant colors." Father Garcia watched the ship for half an hour before it disappeared in the same slow manner that it had materialized.

Chilean author Antonio Cardenas Tabies believes he sighted the ship in one of its altered forms - as a small launch that approached him and his four companions in the fog. Even though the boat passed within several feet of their boat, they didn't see anyone on board and didn't hear any noise from the motor. Then Cardenas and his buddies seemed to have some sort of space/time slippage. They kept rowing for hours and at dawn, found themselves in the same spot. "We hadn't advanced a meter in any direction," Tabies wrote in Aboard the Caleuche, published in Santiago in 1980. But that experience led him to interview dozens of islanders who had witnessed an appearance of the ship or encountered its crew members.

Many of the experiences Tabies recounts seem to deal with individuals who bear an uncanny resemblance to MIBs. The crew has been blamed for abductions of islanders. When these abductees returned to their villages, they didn't have any memory of where they'd been. One man who was supposedly abducted at the age of 18 and returned to his village 50 years later, claimed he had been on a boat and implored his brother not to ask anything more about it.

We'll continue this be story in a subsequent post. We still have the article that we wrote for FATE in May 1984, but have to figure out a way to scan it into PDF format so we can make it available.

The Great Karass



Levels of synchronicities are often apparent during emotionally chrged experienes, evident in a story that Kurt Vonnegut related to writer Alan Vaughn, which he included in his book Patterns of Prophecy.

Anyone who came of age during the 60s understands the unique role tht Vonnegut played in the culture of that time. In Cat's Cradle, he talked about the karass, a group of people who unknowingly work together to achieve some common goal. You knew you were a member of  particular karass whenb meaningful coincidences happened between you and other members of that group. But in Vonnegut's world, there was a danger that you might mistake a random coincidence for a meaningful one, which meant you were involved in a Grandfaloon or false karass.

Vaughn wrote to Vonnegut and asked him where the idea had come from about people being linked through meaningful coincidences. Vonnegut's response is included in Vaughn's Patterns of Prophecy. It's a remarkable  example of a synchronicity involving emotions and death - the death of Vonnegut's sister, who was suffering from cancer, and the death of her husband in a tragic accident - all within 24 hours.

One morning Vonnegut apparently felt compelled to call his brother-in-law, whom he never phoned, and who was in a train that minutes earlier had plunged off an open drawbridge in New Jersey. As Vonnegut was calling him, news about a railroad accident came over the radio and Vonnegut knew his brother-in-law was on that train, even though the man never took the train. Within an hour, he was on a plane headed for New Jersey. By the end of that day, Vonnegut and his wife adopted his sister's six children. His sister died the next day.

Vonnegut's experience involves two aspects of synchronicity. Precognition or foreknowledge of an event was e3vident in his sudden feeling that he should call his brother-in-law. Clairvoyance, also called remote viewing, was evident with Vonnegut's certainty that his brother-in-law was on the very train mentioned in the radio news flash.

The terminal illness and death of his sister, of course, added to the emotional texture of the experience.